Topic: Foreign Policy

By Dr. Arshavir Gundjian, C.M. Special to the Mirror-Spectator/Abaka It has been by now almost a year since the Pashinyan administration, single-handedly, set off on an unprecedented path of multipronged –  “multivector,” as it[...]

Each and every country in the modern world has a foreign policy. This is the basic rules and conditions of its relations with the world. Foreign policy specifically is designed taking into account the characteristics of the state,[...]

The advent of a new U.S. Administration and the start of the 117th Session of the U.S. Congress, in the wake of Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s six-week war on Artsakh, mark an era of new opportunities to foster stronger U.S.-Armenia[...]

Armenia had hardly regained domestic peace as a result of the Velvet Revolution, when urgent foreign policy issues began amassing on its borders. Constant threat of war with Azerbaijan is already a permanent problem against which Armenia[...]

Common folks in Egypt have a very keen sense of humor.  They can create anecdotes to render the most complex political issues into simple humorous stories. One such anecdote is about President Anwar Sadat, who succeeded President Gamal[...]

BERLIN — In the current Cold War climate in East-West relations, exasperated by the British-Russian crisis around the Skripal affair, it has become increasingly difficult for smaller nations to maintain an independent stance in the[...]