Topic: Foreign Policy

By Dr. Arshavir Gundjian, C.M. Special to the Mirror-Spectator/Abaka It has been by now almost a year since the Pashinyan administration, single-handedly, set off on an unprecedented path of multipronged[...]

Each and every country in the modern world has a foreign policy. This is the basic rules and conditions of its relations with the world. Foreign policy specifically is designed[...]

The advent of a new U.S. Administration and the start of the 117th Session of the U.S. Congress, in the wake of Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s six-week war on Artsakh, mark[...]

Armenia had hardly regained domestic peace as a result of the Velvet Revolution, when urgent foreign policy issues began amassing on its borders. Constant threat of war with Azerbaijan is[...]

Common folks in Egypt have a very keen sense of humor.  They can create anecdotes to render the most complex political issues into simple humorous stories. One such anecdote is[...]

BERLIN — In the current Cold War climate in East-West relations, exasperated by the British-Russian crisis around the Skripal affair, it has become increasingly difficult for smaller nations to maintain[...]