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BOSTON — Armenian history, unfortunately, is filled with much turmoil. The current news out of Artsakh is the latest episode in Armenian history where a devastating defeat must be endured. A new podcast, “Country of Dust,” is taking[...]

By Jack Baghumian Special to the Mirror-Spectator YEREVAN — Armenians in the diaspora often come to Armenia and bring an international mindset and experience to the country. In the case of Armineh Babikian, not only did she reform of a[...]

By Raffi Berberian Special to the Mirror-Spectator YEREVAN — Many diasporan Armenians, including myself, grew up hearing about Armenia and seeing the occasional photo, video, or even painting. Some of us were lucky enough to visit at[...]

By Lilian Galstanian YEREVAN — Armenia is a place of opportunity; a place to call home. Here, you can settle down and create a life surrounded by the Armenian community and culture. If you open your heart and mind to the idea of[...]

YEREVAN — Christmas morning, 8 a.m. I grab my backpack and scurry through the empty streets of Yerevan to the Birthright Armenia office in Republic Square. There, I meet up with Matthieu Sahakian, a French repat and co-founder of the[...]

YEREVAN — December 5 is the International Volunteer Day. Thanks to the efforts of Birthright Armenia and Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) programs, in 2021 the number of volunteers who arrived in Armenia is almost equal to the data of[...]

By Anaïs DerSimonian Special to the Mirror-Spectator BOSTON — Diasporan-Armenian organizations — like their counterparts the world over during the COVID-19 era — have been forced to radically alter their practices to meet social[...]