Patriarch Nourhan Manoogian

By Arthur Hagopian CE 72 – Jerusalem Lucius Flavius Silva stands at the head of his command, the vaunted Xth Legion of Rome, ready for a foray into the bastion[...]

By Yolande Knell JERUSALEM (BBC News) — Wearing peaked black headdresses and long robes, a procession of Armenian priests is led along the stone streets of Jerusalem’s Old City by[...]

While the Armenian people in Armenia, Artsakh and the diaspora face among the most difficult and fateful days of their modern history, disturbing news of a serious crisis has arisen[...]

News of incidents which took place in Jerusalem on January 27 through 29 have alarmed the world Armenian community, as a group of extremist Jewish settlers have attacked an Armenian[...]

JERUSALEM (Combined Sources) — Late in the evening of January 28, two Israeli extremists tried to obstruct the traffic on the Armenian Patriarchate street, then hit the car of Armenian[...]

JERUSALEM — Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul Sahak II, together with priests and pilgrims from Istanbul, are visiting the Holy Land on a special pilgrimage. It is the patriarch’s first official[...]