By Haykaram Nahapetyan Special to the Armenian Mirror-Spectator ISTANBUL – Istanbul-based Turkish-Armenian Ara Güler was not only the most famous photographer ever to emerge from Turkey. He was the one who actually founded professional[...]

By Raffi Bedrosyan In August 2018, US President Trump angrily announced that sanctions will be implemented against Turkey, and personally against the Turkish ministers of interior and justice. What was the reason for Trump’s fury? The[...]

ISTANBUL (Agos) —Samanyolu Street in Istanbul’s Sisli district has been renamed for Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Dink, the editor-in-chief of the Istanbul-based Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos, was shot dead at the age of 52 in broad[...]

ISTANBUL (RFE/RL) — After the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson  on October 12, signs of warming appear in Turkish-American strained relations. The head of the White House, though he does not speak of eliminating sanctions[...]

BOSTON – Christopher Young, a retired Crown Court judge from England, gave a talk titled “What Attracted H. F. B. Lynch to Armenia? Origins and Influences” on October 1 at Boston University, organized by the Charles K. and Elisabeth[...]

YEREVAN (news.am) — Armenian officials sent back a minor Turkish citizen to his homeland on September 26. Earlier it was reported that Yerevan had announced that the criminal case against this Turkish citizen—who had illegally crossed[...]

ISTANBUL — The 2018 International Hrant Dink Awards were given this month to Murat Çelikkan of Turkey and the Mwatana Organization for Human Rights from Yemen. Mwatana conducts independent, impartial documentation work and prepares[...]

ISTANBUL (news.am) — A Turkish court on September 11 sentenced former Van mayor and several Kurdish activists to six to nine years in prison. Even though the attornies of former mayor of Van, Bekir Kaya, had asked the court to acquit[...]

ISTANBUL (New York Times) — The Turkish police forcefully dispersed a group of activists, some of them women in their 80s, over the weekend, breaking up a regular vigil in Istanbul to protest the forced disappearances of hundreds of[...]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — US President Donald Trump on August 20 ruled out agreeing to any demands from Turkey to gain the release of a detained American pastor and said he was not concerned that his tough stance could end up hurting[...]