Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan

Parliament Speaker Calls for New National Anthem


YEREVAN ( — Speaker of Armenia’s National Assembly Alen Simonyan on January 30 suggested on social media that the national anthem should be replaced with another one. He also called for changing the country’s coat of arms.

“It’s obvious to me that sooner or later the anthem of the Republic of Armenia should be changed. It should be Armenian, have a connection with the Armenian state and music and comply with the rules of an anthem,” he posted on Telegram on January 30.

“I am not saying that it should be replaced by the music of great composer Aram Khachaturian, which, in my opinion, is magnificent, exceptional and purely Armenian, but, obviously, changing the existing anthem of foreign origin is a must,” Simonyan added.

The speaker says the Armenian government should consider changing the coat of arms.

“At the very least, Armenia cannot be under water, which was a punishment to mankind, the lion cannot look like a Facebook emoji and the sword defending Armenia cannot be chained,” he stated.

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