From left: Armen Solakhyan, co-founder of Learning Mission; pianist Vardan Mamikonian; and Rouben Gargaloyan, co-founder of Learning Mission. (Photo by Karine Armen)

Pianist Vardan Mamikonian Performs at Benefit for Learning Mission


By Karine Armen

Special to the Mirror-Spectator

PASADENA — The virtuoso pianist, Vardan Mamikonian, performed in a benefit concert organized by Learning Mission, an educational nonprofit organization, on Friday, January 12, at AGBU Performing Arts Center in Pasadena.

Mamikonian was born in Armenia but has been living in Paris for many years. He has performed in prestigious concert halls around the world.

The program for the evening featured captivating pieces from Chopin, Debussy, Komitas, Babadjanian, Bach and Liszt. Mamikonian’s skill was evident as he tackled challenging compositions, leaving the audience mesmerized and prompting standing ovations as a display of their appreciation.

Vardan Mamikonian performing (Photo by Karine Armen)

“I am thrilled with the concert’s outcome as we planted seeds in the hearts of people and, most importantly, in the hearts of our youth to show them true quality art. This is what Learning Mission is about,” said Rouben Gargaloyan, co-founder of Learning Mission, after the concert.

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Learning Mission expressed gratitude to  Mamikonian for the performance and for donating his time to this cause.

Mamikonian will visit Armenia for several concerts in April, and one of them once again will be dedicated to Learning Mission’s cause. The event proved to be a success not only as a musical endeavor but also as a way to support a noble cause of educating veterans and the disadvantaged social groups in Armenia.

The organizers and Mamikonian (Karine Armen photo)

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