Harout Bronozian

Tekeyan Cultural Association Contributes $10,400 towards School Bus for Beirut’s Tekeyan School


WATERTOWN — Tekeyan Cultural Association West Coast members and friends have contributed $10,400 towards the purchase of an urgently needed school bus for the Vahan Tekeyan School in Beirut, Lebanon.

The school was established in 1951 by the Tekeyan Cultural Association Founders Body. It has survived despite many difficult periods during which the entire country of Lebanon was affected by catastrophes, including civil war, war with neighbors, a deteriorating economic situation and inflation, and only a few years ago, a largescale explosion of stored fireworks. All this has led to a decimation of the population, including the Armenian community.

Since its inception, the Tekeyan Cultural Association of the United States and Canada has permanently contributed financially for the well-being of the school. Successful graduates of the school such as Sam Simonian of Dallas, TX, as well as the Armenian General Benevolent Union, help the school annually.

The Vahan Tekeyan School of Beirut

The generous recent donation of $7,000 towards the purchase of the Vahan Tekeyan School bus by Harout Bronozian, a philanthropist who believes in the education of the next generation in the diaspora, is highly appreciated. He also supports regularly many worthwhile projects in Artsakh and Armenia.

Other contributors to the bus project were: Mr. & Mrs. Ara and Sonia Babayan, $500, Mr. & Mrs. Vartan and Berta Nazerian, $500, TCA Pasadena-Glendale Chapter, $500, Mr. & Mrs. Jirair and Irma Frounjian, $300, TCA Los Angelos Metro Chapter, $200, Dr. & Mrs. Raffi and Patty Balian, $200, Mr. & Mrs. John & Tamar Poladian Perron $200, Mr. & Mrs. Jano and Jenny Aintablian, $200, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Karine Kanimian, $200, Mr. & Mrs. Carl and Maria Bardakian, $100, Mr. & Mrs. Avedis and Armig Markarian, $100, Mr. & Mrs. Panig and Narineh Keshishian, $100, Mr. & Mrs. Levon and Houry Keshishian, $100, Mr. & Mrs. Ara and Maral Simonian, $100  and Mr. & Mrs. Hovsep and Azniv Melkonian, $100 .

The Tekeyan Cultural Association Central Board of Directors of USA and Canada thanks Mr. Bronozian for his spontaneous generosity, along with the other donors listed above, and commends its West Coast Office for initiating and realizing this fundraising effort.

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