Ambassador Samantha Power

Ambassador Power Raises Concerns about Food Insecurity in Artsakh


YEREVAN — In a tweet on August 1, former US Ambassador and current administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, raised the issue of food insecurity in Artsakh as a result of the blockade of the Lachin Corridor by Azerbaijani forces.

She wrote, “Food insecurity & shortages of medical supplies in Nagorno-Karabakh are very troubling. The Lachin corridor is critical for getting lifesaving supplies to the people of NK. I join Secretary [of State Antony] ‘s call for the free transit of commercial & humanitarian supplies through the corridor.”

The day before, Blinken had tweeted, “I spoke to Azerbaijani President Aliyev yesterday to express our deep concern for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Nagorno-Karabakh. The United States urges all sides to continue dialogue to reach a durable peace agreement.”


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