TCA Youth Band member Haig Kaimakamian, at left, with Raffi Chilingirian, and Marie Kayayan on piano

TCA Family Night Showcases Duduk Player Chilingirian and TCA Youth Band at Beshgeturian Center


ALTADENA, Calif. — On August 26 the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Beshgeturian Center Social Committee organized a family night at the TCA Center in Altadena. Friends and members gathered to enjoy an evening with a performance by the  Lebanese-Armenian duduk artist Raffi Chilingirian, who was visiting Los Angeles, and by the newly formed TCA Youth Band.

Chairman of the Social Committee Jirair Frounjian welcomed all. The TCA West Coast Executive Secretary Mayda Kuredjian introduced the guest artist and the members of the Band.

Pianist Marie Kayayan accompanied duduk master Raffi, whose selection of sentimental melodies from Gomidas, Khatchadour Avedissian and other famous artists took the audience to our homeland Armenia.

Raffi Chilingirian

The guests enjoyed a lavish buffet and joined the TCA Youth Band to sing Armenian songs.

Many guests from different age groups expressed their desire to join committees that the Tekeyan Cultural Association had in the Beshgeturian Center. Enthusiastic guests Hosep Melkonian, Dr. Levon Boyadjian and others sang solo and in groups. The special duet of Dzagats Paleni with Chilingirian and Haig Kaymakamian on flute was moving and very impressive, while the songs presented by Khatchig Nahabedian were as beautiful as usual.

Inspired by the joyous atmosphere and the committee’s efforts, the following guests made donations in order to encourage young talent: Vartan Nazerian and Bertha Baghjajian donated $1,000, Bedros Anserian $300, and Aya Stella Morgan $200.

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