STEPANAKERT – The Armenian Mirror-Spectator continues to rebroadcast Artsakh TV’s news reports. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at Artsakh’s Public TV Company and continue our cooperation, supporting freedom and democracy in Artsakh.

The opening news report shows how civilians of Armenia (teachers, students and singers) are doing their best currently to contribute to Artsakh’s defense.

The second section presents a press conference with Majed el-Shafie, a human rights defender and the president and the founder of One Free World International in Artsakh. Originally from Egypt, el-Shafie is a citizen of Canada now. He applied to his government calling for action for reestablishing the ceasefire along Artsakh line of contact. A legislator from Iceland, Birgir Thórarinsson, also participated in the press conference arranged in Stepanakert. They both condemned Turkey’s role in the ongoing conflict.

The last video shows how life continues in the town of Berdzor (Lachin corridor, Artsakh).

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