Actors Anahit Kirakosyan and Vilen Sargsyan

Gerald Papasian Stages Ayckbourn’s ‘Bedroom Farce’ in Armenia: Video Clip Included


By Dr. Haig Utidjian

YEREVAN – What a great pleasure to watch a dress rehearsal at the State Musical Chamber Theatre of Gerald Papasian’s excellent new staging of Alan Ayckbourn’s 1975 play “Bedroom Farce,” in Papasian’s splendidly idiomatic new translation (entitled “Nnchaseneagayin Zaveshd”) and a colorful production notable for fine acting, pacing, humor, as well as a sense of universality – very much in harmony with Ayckbourn’s theme. The rather minimal sets also worked extremely well.

Actors Aelita Gevorgyan and Karapet Karajyan

I think an excellent balance was struck between the wry sort of humor in the piece (I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times) and sympathy. The underlying themes are ultimately serious ones, and the production encourages one to sympathise with the characters and their all too human foibles – rendering them all the more amiable for it. I shall not be able to attend the premiere, alas, but was most grateful for this splendid opportunity to enjoy the rehearsal. My wholehearted felicitations and very best wishes to all concerned!

The play was performed for the public on October 30 and 31 and November 8. The actors included Ara Deghtrikyan, Anahit Kirakosyan, Vilen Sargsyan, Artur Petrosyan, Aelita Gevorgyan, Karapet Karajyan, Laura Babayan and Arevik Avetisyan. Music was by Gary Kyosayan. Meri Areyan was the set designer.

A brief clip of scenes from the play follows:

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