Armenia’s Victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina Brings Its Soccer Team Back to Third Horizontal: VIDEO INCLUDED


YEREVAN – On Sunday, September 8 Armenia defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 4-2 during the Euro 2020 qualifying clash. Armenia’s squad’s scored two goals at the 10th and 66th minutes of the game.

Three minutes after Armenia’s captain’s initial goal, Edin Dzeko from the opposing team leveled the game and the teams went to half-time break tied at 1:1 score. Almost identically, following the break, Amer Goyal’s second goal followed only a few minutes after Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored again.

(courtesy UEFA website)

Soon after the 2:2 level score, first Hovhannes Hambardzumyan pushed the Armenian team ahead with a beautiful goal at the 77th minute, after which at the 95th minute of the game Bosnia’s Loncar defeated his own goal-keeper, hitting an autogoal, which made the Armenia’s success final.

With its 4:2 decisive victory, Armenia’s squad returned to the third horizontal of the J group of Euro 2020 qualifier games.

(courtesy UEFA website)

Robert Prosinecki, Bosnia’s coach, congratulated Armenians on this victory. “We have not used our scoring chances, and we need to move forward,” he said. However, shortly following the interview Prosinecki  submitted his resignation to the president of the soccer federation of Bosnia.

“I came with the goal of qualifying Bosnia and Herzegovina for the European Championship,” said the former Yugoslavia and Croatia star. “Our chances are not completely lost, but I feel responsible and I resign.”

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Another former Yugoslavian republic of Croatia tied with Armenia’s neighbor Azerbaijan (1:1) in Baku’s stadium on Monday, September 9. This was Azerbaijan’s squad’s first draw after four consequent losses in the Euro 2020 qualifying games.

The following video is based on a recording by Anthony Grigorian.

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