A drawing from Lucy's Birthday

A Childhood Birthday Adventure Recollected in a Delightful Picture Book


LEVERETT, Mass. – Looking for subject matter for a children’s book, artist and educator Stephen Saxenian found inspiration close to home in an autobiographical children’s story authored by his mother, writer and poet, Lucy Saxenian. Using watercolor and pencil sketches Stephen brings back to life the story of Lucy’s fourth birthday, a journey and misadventure in the streets of Lowell, MA, circa 1930. Stephen’s illustrations capture his mother’s simple, gentle tale that nevertheless contains wit and authenticity. The story as a whole pays tribute to this Armenian immigrant family and their heritage.  Readers of all ages will delight in this tale.

Passing through the old neighborhoods of Lowell, Lucy’s Birthday takes the reader into the heart of the city, up and down the snowy streets, past the park and mills, over the Merrimack River and into her father’s tailor shop as Lucy and her sister go out on a quest for sugar for her birthday cake.

Lucy’s Birthday, written by Lucy Saxenian and illustrated by Stephen Saxenian, was self-published and is available for purchase online  http://www.blurb.com/b/7856502-lucy-s-birthday.

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