‘The Last Inhabitant’ Shown at Venice Film Festival (Watch Trailer)


VENICE, Italy (Artsakhpress) — The film “The Last Inhabitant” was screened at the Venice Film Festival under the patronage of the governor of Venice Luca Zaia, upon the initiative of the Italian partner Blue Art Association, Fisch Art Cultural Foundation, in association with Orietta Trevisanato Zampieri.

Poster for “The Last Inhabitant”

The director of the film, Jivan Avetisyan, along with Lithuanian producer Kestutis Drasdauskas, American producer Adrineh Mirzayan, and actress Sandra Daukshitte Petrulene, were present at the festival earlier this month.

From left, Adrineh Mirzayans, Kestutis Drasdauskas and Jivan Avetisyan

The exhibition was promising, as the main purpose was to spread word of the film in Italy and organize its distribution. The negotiations are continuing.

The showing of the film was paired with a cocktail party. The audience shared their impressions, and in general the opinions were very positive and full of praise and gratitude. In this regard, Jivan Avetisyan singled out a rumor that many Italians touched upon.

“The Venice Film Festival is one of the few unique ones that evaluates the horizons, highlights and accepts movies about human destinies, and it is not an accident that within the framework of the Italian film festival, under the high patronage of the governor of Venice Luca Zaia, ‘The Last Inhabitant’ had an opportunity to be shown,” Avetisyan said. “My first emotions are indescribable, and I am happy that my film, which I consider also that of the Armenian people, is able to live beyond our borders and come out in such a film festival. I hope that this show will be an impetus for the continuity of Armenian-Italian cooperation, and the film distribution will be made in Italy and it will also be shown at Italian cinemas.”

The film’s executive producer, Adrine Mirzayan, also emphasized the role of the Diaspora in promoting Armenian films.

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“These are the steps of developing Armenian cinema that will serve generations, 10 or 15 years after an Armenian filmmaker appears in a prestigious film festival or film market, he will hear, ‘Yes, we are familiar with Armenian cinematography, not only have we heard, but also seen and been inspired by it,’” she said.

Jivan Avetisyan and Adrine Mirzayan at the Armenian monastery in Venice

At a reception organized by Governor Zaja, first deputy governor Cristiano Corazzari, Armenian ambassador to Italy Victoria Baghdasaryan and the chairman of the Union of Armenians of Italy Minas Luryan were present.

Producer Adrineh Mirzayans with a book she received as a gift from Venice Governor Luca Zaia

In his speech Luryan presented the centuries-old heritage of Armenians, highlighted Armenian-Italian friendship, and the contributions of Venetian Armenians in Venice’s trade, culture, and politics. He noted that Avetisyan, in his turn, is making a great contribution to Armenian cinema, uniting Venetians and local Armenians around the Armenian people and its history.

The filmmaker thanked the organizers for the warm reception and a gift exchange ceremony was held at the end of the celebration as a sign of respect and friendship. Avetisyan presented the governor with a Karabakh rug. He mentioned that the carpet was woven by women whose spouses, sons or brothers participated in the war, and today they fight at the frontier of life and freedom. “This is not just a rug with Armenian letters, but also includes the power, energy, dedication, the aspiration of victory, freedom and peace of Armenian women. There is life in this carpet created by the work of these women,” said Avetisyan.

A press conference on the film “The Last Resident” was attended by the film crew, Ambassador Baghdasaryan, and Italian-Armenian writer Antonia Arslan, who is of Armenian origin.

Arslan touched upon the artistic value of the film. Mirzayan spoke about filmmaking in the United States.

On the initiative of ARTsakh Arts and Cultural Foundation, “The Last Inhabitant” was scheduled to be shown at the Los Angeles Pacific Theaters on September 15.

Kestutis Drazdauska in his speech emphasized the importance of international recognition. “Thanks to Jivan Avetisyan’s huge potential, good script and history, he has managed to bring together international figures. Our cooperation with Jivan will continue in the next film project, which, I am sure, will also be a great success,” he said.

The film was based on Tsovinar Khachatryan’s book, The Last Inhabitant of Gyurjevan.

The acting team, along with some of the Armenians’ favorite actors, featured internationally renowned actors from Iran, Lithuania, Greece, the United States and Russia. The composer is Serj Tankian.

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