‘Evening of Laughter’ by Actors of TCA


After celebrating the centenary of the Armenian Genocide the actors of the Tekeyan Cultural Association Mher Megerdchian Theatrical Group have recently created “An Evening of Comedy” initiating an atmosphere of smile and laughter on the faces of the members and the theater loving Armenian community.

In the past such evenings were performed by individual efforts but this one was a work by a group of 8 actors. Thru Harout Barsoumian’s vision and creation this affair introduced a novelty into the life of our community’s cultural life. With the participation of Harout Chatmajian, Harout Barsoumian, Roy Bahian, Talin Bahian,Talar Zokian, Armenag Kroushian, Khachig Sariminassian and Shmavon Atamian the group presented funny situations from the social lives of our community.

Presentations of this sort have always been offered in the city of New York with a great popularity. However in this case what was striking was the usage of the Armenian language at its high level of propriety and cleanliness yet generating a lot of smile and laughter.

A short movie was shown with an interesting story of which all the technical work was prepared by Harout Barsoumian.

All the organizational work for this project was performed by Harout Chatmajian (the new chairman of the Theatrical Group) Marie Zokian, Ani Chatmajian and Hratch Zokian.

On February 20 the Tekeyan Center at Englewood Cliffs in New Jersey was fully occupied with lovers of theater. Due to the popularity of the program it was repeated on February 21 and March 19 with additional future engagements to be declared shortly. There are invitations for the group from other cities in the country.

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At the end of the Evening Harout Chatmajian presented the members of the group individually And their talents. He spoke about future plans of the theater group.

Let us also inform everybody that the TCA Mher Megerdchian Theatrical Group will travel to Armenia on April 8 for stage presentations in Yerevan and Gumri of Berj Zeytountzian’s theatrical work “All Rise…The Court Is In Session”.

— Hagop Vartivarian

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