Local Composer to Debut Compositions in Washington


LEXINGTON, Mass. — Grammy Nominee Hayg Boyadjian, a Lexington-based composer, will present a new two-part composition, Scintillating Stars-Cosmos, commissioned by the Colorado Flute Ensemble will receive its world premiere at the 10:30 a.m. concert on August 15, part of the National Flute Convention 2015 that will take place from August 13–16 at the Marriott Washington Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC.

The convention will feature in addition to concerts, workshops, master classes, lectures, etc., a large number of floutists from many countries who will participate in this year’s event.

Boyadjian’s two-part composition, as the titles indicate, is derived from astronomy as have been a number of other works by the composer whose interest in astronomy is evident from the number of these compositions. Scintillating Stars-Cosmos is written for 11 low flutes, from alto flute to double contrabass flute (whose lowest note is the lowest note C on the piano).

The work will be performed by the Vox Profundo Low Flutes Ensemble conducted by Chris Potter (also flutist and composer). Boyadjian’s composition uses a number of extended flute techniques, these are sounds that mostly did not exist before the 20th century. These unusual sounds enhance the other worldly mood of Boyadjian’s composition, a fitting example that comes on the brink of the recent news from Horizons’ visit to the “planet” Pluto.

For more information on the convention visit:www.nfaonline.org/Annual-Convention


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