Edmond Azadian Meets ADL Leaders in Egypt


CAIRO, Egypt — Edmond Azadian, co- chairman of the Armenian Democratic Liberal party (ADL) District Committee of US and Canada, and a former editor of the daily Arev in Cairo met with the ADL leadership in Egypt, during his recent trip to the region.

Azadian met some of the leaders individually at an affair in Goganian Hall in Heliopolis, where Armenia’s Ambassador Armen Melkonian was also present. The ambassador invited Edmond Azadian, and his wife, Nora, to visit the embassy.

Upon the invitation of the ADL District Committee of Egypt, Edmond Azadian held an extensive meeting with the committee members, where common goals of unifying the orga- nization worldwide were discussed. As the former editor of the daily Arev, Azadian expressed his commitment to help the paper, the editorial offices of which were recently moved to a new and improved location at the heart of the Armenian community in Heliopolis.

The last item on the agenda of the meeting was the presidential elections in Armenia on February 18. The parties agreed to coordinate their positions on the issue with the ADL structure in Armenia.

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