Schiff Urges Obama to Acknowledge Armenian Genocide


WASHINGTON — This week, Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-29) sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to properly characterize the murder of 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children as a “genocide” in his statement marking the April 24 anniversary of the start of the Genocide.

“Mr. President, you have always been a leader on the important issue of human rights,” Schiff said. “Unfortunately, both last year and in 2009, you did not use the term ‘genocide’ to describe the events of 1915-23. I ask you to return to the clarity you so forcefully expressed in 2008 and stand with the ever- dwindling number of survivors, as well as the descendants of others, who survived the Armenian Genocide and continue to suffer the ‘double killing’ of denial, by referring to it as a genocide.”

In the last Congress, Schiff was the primary sponsor of H. Res. 252, the Affirmation of the US Record on the Genocide.

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