ADL Welcomes New Armenian Ambassador at United Nations


NEW YORK — A delegation of ADL District Committee of US and Canada visited the newly-appointed Ambassador of Armenia at the United Nations, Garen Nazarian, on Wednesday, September 11, at the headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.

The delegation was headed by Papken Megerian, co-chairman, Hagop Vartivarian, chairman of Press Committee, Krikor Salbashian, chairman of Armenagan-Hovsepian chapter of New York, and Vartan Ilandjian, vice chairman of the chapter.

On behalf of the Ramgavar Party, Megerian welcomed the ambassador and offered the party’s help and services to the embassy. Vartivarian expressed the good wishes of all ADL news media of the world, especially in these tumultuous days, when there are discussions about the relations of Turkey and Armenia. Vartivarian spoke also about the factions inside the party and gave Nazarian an account of the situation.

Nazarian thanked the delegation for this visit and reiterated that the ADL has been a supporter of successive governments in Armenia, no matter who is in power. He said that he is happy to see that the ADL press is very supportive of the initiation of the dialogue between Armenia and Turkey.

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