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YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — About two dozen opposition political parties are planning to hold a rally in Yerevan on November 11, one day after demanding that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan resign. The move comes after protests triggered[...]

BOSTON – Peaceful Boston protests by thousands of people sparked by the death of George Floyd and other black Americans on Sunday, May 31 ended up in violence and the looting that night of dozens of businesses in the Back Bay and[...]

LOS ANGELES/LONG BEACH, Calif. – According to reports on news and social media, Armenian-owned stores were among the victims of rioters and looters in various parts of Los Angeles and Southern California over the last weekend as[...]

CHICAGO – Protesting over the death of George Floyd deteriorated into looting in Chicago’s downtown and migrated into the suburbs over the weekend. Armenian-owned businesses and institutions were among those in danger and some suffered[...]

At Least Two Dead, Thousands Injured after Police Crackdown By Alexandra Hudson and Jonathon Burch ISTANBUL/ANKARA (Reuters) — Turkey’s deputy prime minister apologized on Tuesday for “excessive violence” by police in an effort to[...]