Topic: Dance

YEREVAN/CAIRO — Alla Vats is a renowned Russian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She was born in 1985 in Yerevan. When she was 8, she and her family moved to St.[...]

YEREVAN/RIGA — My friend Naira Khachatryan, a specialist in Latvian, brought Latvian artist and dancer Karine Paronjanc (Paronjanca/Paroniants) to my home last September. Her name was familiar to me, and[...]

NEW YORK — Cinema enthusiasts gathered at independent and large-stage theaters alike across Sydney, Melbourne, London, and New York for the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Arts’ eighth annual Armenians[...]

YEREVAN / HANOVER, Germany — Ballet dancer and choreographer Lilit Hakobyan has worked in Germany since 2007. A daughter of Armenian ballet artists, from 1998 to 2006, she studied at[...]

YEREVAN / ALICANTE, Spain – Emma Melikyan is a dancer of different dance styles, choreographer and dance instructor. She was born in 1984, in Yerevan; her father is a violinist[...]

CAIRO — During my trip to Egypt last November, I had a pleasant meeting with ballet dancer Mariam Karapetyan, who is the Prima Ballerina of the Cairo Opera Ballet Company.[...]

YEREVAN / ATLANTA, Georgia – Born in Tehran, Iran, George Staib is of Armenian descent and has been living in the United States since the age of 10. He began[...]

YEREVAN / TEMPE, Az. — Maral Yessayan, PhD, has an impressive academic background: She was a visiting professor at Dartmouth College; an Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Dartmouth (2012-14) and[...]

A Woman of the World: Armen Ohanian, Published by Armenian Series at Fresno State FRESNO — The Armenian Series of The Press at California State University, Fresno announces the publication[...]

YEREVAN / OSLO — Painter, curator, performance artist, actor, director and choreographer Karen Nikgol was born in Teheran in 1983. His mother Odette Nikgol is a painter, animator and translator[...]