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YEREVAN / HANOVER, Germany — Ballet dancer and choreographer Lilit Hakobyan has worked in Germany since 2007. A daughter of Armenian ballet artists, from 1998 to 2006, she studied at[...]

SAN DIEGO — Composer George Kirazian’s new and expanded ballet based on The Book of Ruth will premiere as a full-scale dance production by Mojalet Dance Collective on September 30-October[...]

YEREVAN — The Yerevan State Choreographic College of Dance is one of my favorite places in our city; the office of its director exudes high art and taste. Since the end[...]

CAIRO — During my trip to Egypt last November, I had a pleasant meeting with ballet dancer Mariam Karapetyan, who is the Prima Ballerina of the Cairo Opera Ballet Company.[...]

YEREVAN / GLENDALE — Aida Amirkhanian is a choreographer and performer in dance theatre, as well as a yoga teacher. Born in Tehran, she graduated from the world-renowned École Mudra[...]

YEREVAN / ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — Veronique Tamaccio was born in 1982 in  Marseille. She is a Switzerland-based ballerina and dance teacher with Italian and Armenian roots. At the age of[...]

YEREVAN — The name Vilen Galstyan encompasses a whole epoch in the story of Armenian ballet. Born on February 12, 1941 in Yerevan, Galsytan graduated from the Yerevan Choreographic School.[...]

NEW YORK – Nowadays there are not too many old-fashioned impresarios left in the field of dance in the United States. Ardani Artists, in the person of founders Sergei and[...]

NEW YORK — The American Ballet Theatre, the country’s national ballet company, will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in the new year. This milestone will be marked by several special[...]

By Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Journal Sentinel MILWAUKEE (Milwaukee Sentinel) — And now for something completely gorgeous: The Milwaukee Ballet opened a production of “Swan Lake” on May 31 at the[...]