Topic: Armenians Forward Together

YEREVAN — The Second All-Armenian Collaboration Forum, Armenians Forward Together (AFT-2022) is opening August 4, at the ibis Hotel in Yerevan. The forum is a three-day event, in which organizations and individuals from nine different[...]

By Tamara Babaian In August 2021 the Armenians Forward Together (AFT) Forum in Yerevan brought together more than 25 different organizations, including business, nonprofits and governmental agencies, and over 200 individuals interested in[...]

By Tamara Babaian YEREVAN — Armenians Forward Together is a Forum that will take place in Yerevan, Armenia this year on August 12-14 in the Ibis Hotel located in the center of the capital. Barring COVID-related emergencies, and with[...]