Armenians Forward Together Three-Day Forum to Kick Off August 4


YEREVAN — The Second All-Armenian Collaboration Forum, Armenians Forward Together (AFT-2022) is opening August 4, at the ibis Hotel in Yerevan.

The forum is a three-day event, in which organizations and individuals from nine different countries will come together to share about their work, discuss their goals and create new plans for working together to develop Armenia and Artsakh. The Forum is organized by an independent volunteer group of Armenians from USA, Canada and Armenia and aims to create opportunities for organizations to expand their activities, and for individuals to join them, contributing their professional experience and skills on projects they choose to join. This year over 350 participants, representing social enterprises, commercial and governmental sectors, and independent individuals will participate in the Forum’s 14 workshops on August 5-6 and the Day of Presentations on August 4.

The first day of the Forum, called The Day of Presentations, will feature 19 different organizations and initiatives, including educational, community-building, diaspora-relations, and veteran-support organizations and initiatives, such as SASTIC, Zartonk Academy, BirthrightArmenia, The Future Armenian, Ogni, StudentHome, Armenian Botanical Garden, EduArmenia, HyeHopes and others. The 14 workshops will address projects in education, preservation of cultural heritage, crisis management, cancer research and care, and others. They are represented by institutions, organizations and professionals from Armenia as well as around the world, such as the Office of the State Minister of Artsakh, Zartnir, Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, LearningMission, reArmenia, RepatArmenia, EduArmenia and others.

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