Vahakn Dadrian

FRESNO — Dr. Taner Akçam shared new revelations about the planning of the Armenian Genocide during a lecture at Fresno State University on March 3. Akçam, director of the Armenian Genocide Research Program at the Promise Armenian[...]

Professor Vahakn Dadrian’s grave was allowed for years to lay abandoned, uncared for, trash-strewn, and without even a marker, much less a tombstone. This has been the source of great anguish among the public. We, who represent the[...]

WATERTOWN — Noted scholar of the Armenian Genocide Vahakn Norayr Dadrian’s grave has been discovered to be in an unmarked and untended condition, covered with wild bushes and garbage in Yerevan, which has led to an outcry and call for[...]

GENESEO, N.Y. (Combined Sources) — Prof. Vahakn Dadrian, one of the pioneers of modern genocide studies and one of the founders of Armenian Genocide studies, died on Friday, August 2. He was 93. Dadrian’s interest in the Armenian[...]