YEREVAN — Mirza Dinnayi received the fourth annual Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity on October 20 in a large public ceremony in Freedom Square in Yerevan as part of the[...]

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Iraqi government will begin its delivery of financial grants to female Yezidi survivors who suffered at the hands of the so-called Islamic State, the country’s[...]

WASHINGTON – On December 11, President Donald Trump signed H.R. 390, the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018, in the Oval Office. The goal of the[...]

The referendum held on September 25 in Iraqi Kurdistan triggered a political movement in the entire Middle East, whose outcome is difficult to forecast at this time. It is ironic[...]

KIRKUK, Iraq (HayDzayn) – Iraqi-Armenian soldier Hrant Kolsuzian died on September 21 while on a mission performing his duties near Hawega/al-Kirkuk, fighting against ISIS[...]