Topic: ISIS

By Armenian Network State Foreign Affairs Think Tank Special to the Mirror-Spectator Editor’s Note: As the Afghan crisis exploded suddenly and took the center stage of the international political scene, its reverberations on countries[...]

By Sarkawt Mohammed ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Rudaw) — Shame Dero lost five of her ten children to the Islamic State group (ISIS). Every year, on August 3, in commemoration of the genocide anniversary, she prepares food for the children[...]

QAMISHLI, SYRIA (RFE/RL) — Unknown gunmen shot dead an Armenian Catholic priest and his father as they were traveling in a car in northeastern Syria on Monday, November 11. Father Hovsep Petoian, the head of the Armenian Catholic[...]

KIRKUK, Iraq (HayDzayn) – Iraqi-Armenian soldier Hrant Kolsuzian died on September 21 while on a mission performing his duties near Hawega/al-Kirkuk, fighting against ISIS[...]