YEREVAN (Public Radio of Armenia) — Armenia was named by the World Travel Awards on December 16 the “World’s Leading Heritage Destination 2021”  and Wings of Tatev was singled out as the winner of the “World’s Leading Cable[...]

BERLIN — On December 14, German President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier received new Armenian Ambassador to Germany Victor Yengibaryan, who officially presented his credentials. Steinmeier congratulated the ambassador on his appointment[...]

As a new political order shapes up in the Caucasus, Armenia will face new risks and new opportunities. The question is how Yerevan will cope with new realities after suffering the devastating impact of a disastrous war. Armenia would have[...]

ANKARA/YEREVAN (Combined Sources) — Turkey announced this week the appointment of Serdar Kilic, former ambassador to the US, known for his vociferous stance against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, as special envoy to discuss[...]

Steering Committee of Unification of the ADL Leadership Dear and faithful members of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar Azadagan Gousagtzoutyoun), Today, Armenia is facing critical challenges. Armenia and Artsakh, reborn with[...]

YEREVAN — The new book by Turkologist and journalist Sofia Hakobyan, titled  Dzayn Hadruti , was published by the Gevorg Virats Publishing House recently. It comprises the memories and experiences of the Armenians of the Hadrut region,[...]

YEREVAN — On December 17 at about 17:00 Yerevan time, another incident took place at the line of contact between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops, which ended in an intense shootout. There were no casualties among the Armenians. According[...]

YEREVAN – The village of Shurnukh in the enlarged Goris community of Syunik Province in the Republic of Armenia was divided after the 44-day war into Armenian and Azerbaijani parts, while the Goris-Kapan road became semi-blocked after[...]

YEREVAN — The United Vardenis alliance of political parties on December 15 appealed the results of the recount of votes in the recent enlarged Vardenis community elections, as a result of which the December 18 session of the council of[...]

YEREVAN — Ambiguity lends a special quality to art. Not ambiguity as attempted deception, but as an invitation to explore what is unstated, merely hinted, or lends itself to multiple, even contradictory interpretations. An exhibition[...]

By Florence Avakian NEW YORK — The Zohrab Information Center, after almost two years, returned to its in-person meetings at the Armenian Diocese in New York, and Zohrab Director Dr. Jesse Arlen, welcomed a sizable crowd for a[...]