From Gevorg Gyulumyan

Gevorg Gyulumyan

Born 1995 in Pambak Village of Vardenis district, Gevorg Gyulumyan’s family roots lie in Pip Village of northern Artsakh, which in 1988 was emptied of its Armenian population. He went to school from 2002-2010 in Pambak, and then studied at Yerevan State University’s Armenian Philology Department from 2016-2020. During the latter period he also was qualified as a pedagogue in Armenian language and literature. In 2020 he entered a master’s degree program in the same university in the history of Armenian ancient literature. From 2012-15 he worked to help plan and realize YMCA Armenia’s projects for developing various communities. He is a correspondent of the Armenian-language periodicals Azg (Yerevan) and Baikar (Boston), in addition to the Mirror-Spectator.

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