Verin Shorzha Village sign

Azerbaijanis Shoot in the Direction of Verin Shorzha


YEREVAN — Hostile Azerbaijan started the new year with openly aggressive actions and terrorist acts against peaceful settlements. The most recent incident took place in Verin Shorzha of Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province, where the Azerbaijani occupying forces opened fire on January 8 in the direction of the village. Despite the equivalent response of the Armenian side, countering the attack, the year started with unpleasantness for the people.

Map with Lake Sevan and location of Verin Shorzha (courtesy

“The shooting took place during the day. It lasted about 45 minutes. The sounds could be heard in the distance, but I talked to the boys. They said it was calm now. We did not suffer any injuries. Our people silenced them. For each shot they fired, our people fired ten shots. At the moment, there is a pause,” said Artyom Yeranosyan, the community’s administrative leader.

One of the residents of the community declared that they did not expect the Azerbaijanis to behave normally in the new year. He said, “They are enemies. They are carrying out their enmity. Whatever they do, we must either endure or be broken.”

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