The San Francisco Bay Area community came together to gain insights from Fr. Grigor Grigorian, founder of the Arev Center, fifth from left in front row, during his visit from Armenia

Celebrating the Arev Children’s Development Center in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — On Friday, March 8, guests from the San Francisco community gathered at the home of Elaine Kapjian-Pitt and Morley Pitt in San Francisco to honor the impactful work of the Arev Children’s Development Center in Yerevan, Armenia.

Several dozen guests learned about the center’s efforts to improve the lives of children with Down syndrome, providing medical care, education, and advocacy. It is the only center of its kind focusing on Down syndrome in Armenia.

Fr. Grigor Grigorian, Arev Center’s founder, was in attendance from Armenia and shared the center’s journey and mission including how it has personally played a vital role in the development of his young son, also with Down syndrome.

Fr. Grigor also discussed the Bell Choir formed by the children at the center, illustrating their dedicated efforts to reshape societal perceptions of individuals with Down syndrome across Armenia. Families bringing their children to the center are not required to pay for the rehabilitation services their children receive, which is a huge burden lifted for the families.

From left, Kim Bardakian Demirjian, Fr. Mesrop Ash, Fr. Grigor Grigorian and Elaine Kapjian-Pitt

Generously hosted by St. John Armenian Church, Fr. Mesrop Ash, Elaine Kapjian-Pitt, Kim Bardakian Demirjian and Valina Agbabian, the event highlighted the power of community in uplifting the lives of those in need.

Guests left inspired by the center’s work and their role in making a difference. The event showcased compassion, inclusion, and empowerment for all children, irrespective of ability.

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