Adam Kablanian

YEREVAN — Friends of the Armenian Soldier and Family (FASF) issued a grant to the National Foundation for Servicemen Insurance (ZINAPAH, previously known as Insurance Foundation for Servicemen – IFS) for $50,000.

The major sponsor of FASF is Adam Kablanian.

Donations and grants enable ZINAPAH to make compensation and ensure the dignity of the families of fallen heroes and soldiers who acquired a disability due to war. ZINAPAH receives donations from all over the world. Most donors are from Armenia, Russia, the USA, and Germany.

ZINAPAH was founded in 2017 to provide stable compensation for the well-being of fallen, missing, and 1st and 2nd group disabled servicemen and their families while defending the homeland and its borders for the peace and security of future generations. ZINAPAH is a non-political institution that operates according to the Law. ZINAPAH is governed by an independent Board of Trustees.

The following beneficiaries can receive assistance after a detailed and verified application


  • servicemen who have (and maintain) a 1 st or 2 nd group military disability
  • families of servicemen who fell or went missing including the servicemen’s spouse, child(ren) and parent(s).

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As of October 2023, ZINAPAH supports 5,179 servicemen and their families, around 12,000 people with a lump sum upfront contribution of 10 mln or 5 mln drams ($24,000 or $12,000) and 100,000-300,000 drams ($250 to $750) depending on the servicemen rank and disability group) monthly payments to the servicemen and their families to ensure their minimum financial stability with liability as per eligibility for the next 20 years and, in case of funds availability, possible extension. Since 2017 it has made more than 82 billion drams ($203 million) in compensation.

The geopolitical unrest and uncertainty create a strong need for organizations like ZINAPAH for buffering. While we hope for peace in the region, it is unclear what new challenges FASF, ZINAPAH and others in our community will face.

Friends of the Armenian Soldier and Family (FASF) was founded in 2021 in response to the distressing humanitarian crisis affecting Armenian soldiers and their families following the Nagorno-Karabakh war. FASF aims to create a continuous culture of giving and continued monthly donations that will be used to support each veteran and his family in rebuilding their lives and regaining stability.

Over the past two years FASF has issued more that $200,000 USD of humanitarian support to the families of the injured and diseased Armenian soldiers. FASF allows its donors to make tax-deductible donations from the US and invite their friends and families to join their circle.

To contact FASF (EIN #: 86-2191892), visit Website:, email: or Donate:


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