One of the Aliyev family's properties in London

Revealed: £200m of UK Property Owned by Aliyev Family


LONDON (Daily Mail) — The children of autocrats have been revealed as the ultimate owners of £250 million worth of British properties after new transparency rules allowed them to be identified.

New laws require offshore companies that own property in England and Wales to name their ultimate owner in a public register of overseas entities. Previously this had often been kept secret.

Analysis of the Register of Overseas Entities by The Times revealed that nearly £200m ($250 million) of UK property is owned by the family of Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev and families of their political appointees.

This includes £21 million ($26 million) in property in London controlled by Aliyev’s daughters, Leyla and Arzu, who were educated at Queen’s College for girls in Westminster.

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