Part of the exhibit at the UN Office in Geneva

Exhibition at UN Office in Geneva Dedicated to 105th Anniversary of First Armenian Republic


GENEVA — On June 26, the Permanent Mission of Armenia inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia. The exhibition was organized in the United Nations Office in Geneva within the framework of the session of the Human Rights Council. The exhibition was entitled “Women in State Building.”

The stands presented the role played by Armenian women in the social, political, religious, cultural and educational spheres during the first Republic of Armenia and in various other historical periods.

The Permanent Representative of Armenia, Ambassador Andranik Hovhannisyan, Director General of the UN Office in Geneva Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, Director of the UN Library and Archives Mr. Francesco Pisano delivered remarks at the opening ceremony. The speakers referred to the importance of empowering the women and ensuring equality of rights worldwide, presented episodes about the significant contribution of Armenian women in state building.

Ambassador Andranik Hovahannisyan introduced prominent Armenian women who made an important contribution to the development of the statehood, referred to the medieval Armenian legal texts to this end and dwelled upon the role and rights of Armenian women during the first republic. He also presented the achievements registered in Armenia in terms of empowerment of women.

Ambassador Hovhannisyan concluded his speech by drawing the attention of the audience to the statue of Mother Armenia depicted on the invitation card of the exhibition. He emphasized that it symbolizes the woman who protects the heart of Armenia, the capital Yerevan. She stands as an unwavering symbol of sovereignty, strength, peace and endurance.

Ambassadors of a number of countries, diplomats, officials of the UN Office in Geneva, representatives of the Armenian community were present at the exhibition. At the conclusion of the opening ceremony the guests tasted Armenian wines.

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The exhibition was created, compiled and displaced last year in New York with the efforts of the Permanent Mission of Armenia at the United Nations headquarters.

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