Azerbaijani forces encroach upon Armenian territory.

Armenia Says It Is Awaiting Russia’s Response over Incident near Lachin Corridor


YEREVAN ( — Armenia is waiting for a response from Russia to the latest incident at the entry of the Lachin Corridor, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Vahan Kostanyan said on Monday, June 19.

Armenian border guards deployed nearby opened fire to stop a group of Azerbaijani servicemen from advancing into Armenian territory and installing an Azerbaijani flag there on Thursday.

A video of the incident shows that the Azerbaijani troops were escorted by Russian soldiers as they crossed a bridge over the Hakari River in the Lachin Corridor to place the flag.

Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergei Kopyrkin was summoned to Armenia’s Foreign Ministry over the incident.

“A probe into the incident near the Hakari bridge is underway,” Kostanyan told reporters in the parliament. “The Armenian Foreign Ministry has voiced its position and concerns over the issue, and we are awaiting an official reaction.”

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