The plaque honoring Charents

Yeghishe Charents Memorial Plaque Unveiled in Yerevan


YEREVAN (Panorama) — A memorial plaque honoring prominent Armenian writer Yeghishe Charents was unveiled in Yerevan on Monday, November 28, as part of the events marking his 125th birth anniversary.

Composer Tigran Mansurian was among those attending the ceremony

The plaque was installed on the wall of the Yeghishe Charents House Museum at 17 Mashtots Avenue, where the poet lived during the last two years of his life, 1935-1937.

Security officers arrested the poet near the very building on July 26, 1937 and he never entered this house again.

One of Charents’ most famous poems, “My Sweet Armenia,” was recited at the inauguration of the plaque.

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