Photograph of Nora Azadian with one of her paintings at the Nora Ipekian Azadian classroom

Nora Ipekian Azadian Classroom Inaugurated at Yerevan’s Vahan Tekeyan School


YEREVAN – The official opening of the Nora Ipekian Azadian Armenian Language Classroom took place on June 24 at the Vahan Tekeyan School of Yerevan. Husband Edmond Y. Azadian, son Gerald Papasian, and family friend Marina Arakchyan were present along with the school’s principal Tsovinar Mardanyan and the teachers of the school.

From left, Edmond Azadian, Tsovinar Mardanyan and Gerald Papasian cut the ribbon to the newly renovated classroom

It was Edmond Azadian’s idea to name a classroom after his wife Nora in one of the schools bearing the Vahan Tekeyan name in Armenia because Nora placed such great importance on Armenian schools. She would always say speak and use the Armenian language. By speaking you will advance and enrich it.

She also was a passionate proponent for many years of the Sponsor a Teacher Program of the Tekeyan Cultural Association of the United States and Canada (TCA), which supports the schools bearing the Tekeyan name. The generous donations of many of her family members and friends to TCA made the renovation of this classroom possible after her recent passing on April 29.

The plaque for the Nora Ipekian Azadian classroom

Mrs. Azadian was a creative and sensitive person who found inspiration in the Armenian homeland. This room dedicated to the Armenian language and education is additionally imbued with a special and moving atmosphere now thanks to works of art hanging on the classroom walls which she created with her own hand.

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