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Cilicia2.0 Wants Diaspora to Be Protector of Armenia


The following call to arms is written by Ara Gavur of the US as an open letter to the Armenian Diaspora:

Dear Diaspora brother and sister,

Pain may twist your heart and soul watching Armenia sink in the circus of own clowns pretending to be politicians.

Shame may torture your mind watching them tear apart what’s left of our Fatherland while splashing in the puddle of own making.

Despair may overtake your spirit, as you feel utterly powerless and incapable of reversing the impending doom.

You may think remoteness is what renders you helpless.

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You may think distance is what leaves you disarmed and exposed to the blows.

Dear brother and sister, what if we are capable of consolidating the Diaspora itself into a solidified, united force that yields us the very Fortress which gives birth to our Reconquista?

What if we are able to reshape our Diaspora into a proactive multi-faceted national unit, capable of acting as an independent factor, pursuing own Agenda on the global stage, protecting our Kin, and projecting power potent enough to force others to respect our interests?

What if we are capable of transforming our Diaspora into the very Ազգ-Բանակ we always longed for and always failed to build due to the utter incompetence, corruption of heart, and sheer stupidity of the rulers in our Fatherland?

Dear brother and sister, your inaction is what breeds your fear.

Your initiative – is what will shape your Destiny.

People: Ara Gavur

We may not be a factor in Armenia.

We can, however, make Armenia a factor.

By converting our Diaspora into the Ազգ-Բանակ of the Armenians.

By building a new Fortress on a shore invulnerable to the encroachments of our enemies.

By heralding from atop its tallest tower and into every ear near and afar:

“We may not be born in Armenia, but Armenia was born in us. You may have forgotten what we’ve left behind, but our mountains remember us. And we shall return to them.”

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