Philadelphia I-95 billboard (photo courtesy Taleen Streeter Akomeah)

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (Facebook) – A billboard recently appeared on the I-95 North freeway before the central Philadelphia exit stating “Azerbaijanis (and Turks) are ready to live in harmony with Armenians. ‘How about Armenians?’.” It also states “paid for by MÜSAİD USA,” which is an organization of Turkish-American businessmen and industrialists.

Armenians upset by this insinuation, especially in the context of attacks on Armenians and their institutions in the US last year (San Francisco, Boston, and even Philadelphia), are contacting the billboard company Lamar Advertising by phone (610) 779-9421 or its representative Rick Zitkovic by email ( to protest this billboard (number 06.4056).

See for example this Tweet:

[The billboard was said to have been removed by Lamar on February 18, 2021, possibly as a result of community complaints.]

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— Aram Arkun

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