Istanbul-Armenian Coronavirus Deaths Increase in October, November


ISTANBUL (Nor Marmara) – Since March 2020, when the first signs of the coronavirus became evident and a pandemic was announced, the Istanbul-Armenian community had victims both among elderly and middle-aged people, but the number of deaths has greatly increased over the last two months.

News published on social media, announcements with requests for plasma from individuals infected and recovered from coronavirus, and death notices, little by little gave a picture of the severe situation within many homes. The pain was everyone’s – the virus did not discriminate between rich and poor, and sometimes the healthiest person conquered this illness only with much difficulty.

On December 1, 2020, the head of the Religious Council of the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul, the Very Rev. Tatul Anushian, sent Normarara the monthly charts which give the numerical data of general deaths and deaths due to coronavirus. The numbers for the last 2 months are very high and show that the second wave has taken a great toll in this community. Out of the recently deceased, practically half lost their lives to coronavirus. Below we publish the list sent by the patriarchate. For each month, the general number has been given along with deaths due to Covid, the age of the youngest and the age of the oldest Covid-related death, and the percentage of total deaths that were due to Covid.

Month        Death Total Covid Deaths Youngest Covid Fatality Oldest Covid Fatality Percent

April           69               16               41                              90                       23.19

May            36                7               53                              94                       19.44

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June           42                1               96                              96                         2.38

July            37                0               none                           none                     0

August        45                0               none                           none                     0

September  34                2               67                              79                        5.38

October      65              23               49                               91                       35.38

November   89              43              45                                92                      48.31

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Total         417              92                                                         Average       22.06

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