Chef Karen Torosyan

Chef Torosyan Earns Michelin star for Fourth Year in a Row


BRUSSELS (PanARMENIAN.Net) — Chef Karen Torosyan  earned a Michelin star for his Brussels restaurant, Bozar, he revealed in an Instagram post on February 15.

This is the fourth year in a row that the restaurant is getting recognition as a fine dining establishment.

“When we love we don’t count,” Torosyan said in a Instagram post.

Chef Karen Torosyan

According to the hospitality content hub World’s Best Places, Torosyan is one of the most accomplished chefs in Belgium – if not in all of Europe.

He originally hails from Armenia and went to Belgium at the age of 18. He finished his hospitality studies at INFOBO and gained experience in various types of restaurants such as Michelin starred Bruneau and Chalet de la Forêt. It was at these restaurants that Karen discovered the real French cooking and the need of structure and hard work in the kitchen. At the famous La Paix restaurant of Chef David Martin, Karen also learnt the business aspects of running a restaurant. It was under the wings of Chef David Martin that Karen got the opportunity to go his own way with the start of Bozar Brasserie. After a few years he became fully independent and quickly gained name and fame in the culinary world.

Bozar Restaurant is housed on the ground floor of the famous center for Fine Arts in Brussels, and Torosyan took part in the whole building renovation and restoration project.

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