Patriarchate Seeks Election in Istanbul


ISTANBUL (Armenpress) — The Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul will apply to the Turkish authorities with a request to obtain permission to hold elections of a new Patriarch. The decision was made at a meeting held at the Patriarchate on October 26, according to the official website of the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul.

The seat has been vacant since 2008 because of the catastrophic illness of Patriarch Mesrob Mutafyan; Aram Ateshyan has served as Patriarchal Vicar ever since.

There are a total of four candidates vying for the leadership of the church in Istanbul.

“The rules and traditions of the Church consider the seven years of absence as enough for dissolving the covenant. Therefore the eights years of absence of the Patriarch confirms the dissolution of the Patriarchal covenant,” according to the report issued after the meeting.


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