Yezidi Armenian Leader Thanks Sargisian for Giving Voice to Yezidi Genocide


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — President of the World Union of Yezidis Aziz Tamoyan is thankful to Armenian President Serge Sargisian and other state officials in Armenia who have raised the issue of a Yezidi genocide in northern Iraq on international platforms for more than one year. “Only the president of Armenia supported us. He took the floor at international organizations and raised the issue of the Yezidis. It has already been a year that Yezidis in Northern Iraq have been subjected to genocide but the international community and the world powers do not take any steps,” said Tamoyan, adding that the ongoing genocide of Yezidis is the shame of the civilized world as the world powers promoting democracy and human rights turn a blind eye to crimes against humanity.

Tamoyan said, “International Children’s Defense Day, and days of women’s, families’ and children’s protection are internationally celebrated, but no steps are undertaken to save one of the oldest nations of the world. You see, children, women and men are killed there.” He stressed that at this moment the Yezidi nation is in a horrible situation. “They did the same with Armenians in 1915. They were killed and expelled from their motherland. Civilization has developed during these 100 years; [outer] space has been overcome, new inventions are made, but at the same time they allow people to be killed based on their ethnic or religious identity,” he said.

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