ADL Gets New Office Building in Yerevan


ADLBuilding 2 RAG Center

YEREVAN — September 22, 2014 will be remembered as an important date for the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL/Ramgavars). After extensive efforts, the party structure in the Republic of Armenia acquired its own office building in the center of Yerevan on Yeznik Koghbatsi Street (number 20/3) near the Mesrop Mashtots Park.

The building was purchased through the financial contributions made by the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA)’s Central Executive of the United States and Canada, the Pyunik Foundation and ADL members Nar Khachadurian of Beirut and Vartan Nazirian of Los Angeles. Khachadurian’s persistent efforts, including numerous visits, negotiations and meetings, constituted a determining factor in the purchase of the four-story building.

On September 22, Khachadurian and Chairman of the ADL Executive of the Republic of Armenia Hagop Avedikian paid the agreed-upon sum in full to the owner of the building. The documents concerning the purchase of the building were signed in the presence of Kevork Marashlian, TCA Central Executive representative and member of the ADL District Committee of the US (Eastern) and Canada, ADL of Armenia’s Vice Chairman Karen Kakoyan and Secretary Suren Sargisian, as well as a lawyer. These documents, which indicate that the building is the joint property of the TCA Central Executive and the ADL Executive of Armenia, have been authenticated by the state notary.

In the context of the sad events of the last 10 years, when an adventurist individual seized the properties of the ADL in Armenia, the achievement of September 22 is an important step toward the reorganization and strengthening of the political party’s activities.

Three floors of the building will serve as the central office, meeting place and library of the ADL, while the first floor will be rented out after renovations.

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The transfer of the party’s office from the building of the editorial staff of the newspaper Azg to Yeznik Koghbatsi No. 20/3 will take place on November 1.


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