Two Seattle-area Men Accused of Bilking Medicare out of Millions


SEATTLE, Wash. (Seattle Post Intelligence) — Two Seattle-area men are facing federal charges on allegations that they attempted to bilk a seniors health program out of millions of dollars.
In separate grand jury indictments filed in US District Court, federal authorities contend both men followed identical schemes in setting up shell companies designed to defraud the Medicare system.
According to the grand jury indictment, Garnik Karapetyan created one such front — Federal Way Medical Equipments Inc. — in the 30800 block of Pacific Highway South during April 2007.
Through the company, authorities contend, Karapetyan used stolen identities of actual Medicare recipients to file nearly 1,300 false claims in six months. In doing so, Karapetyan allegedly received $1.9 million in payments through the federal system while delivering nothing in return.
A similar indictment was filed Thursday against Iacob Razumnii.
While prosecutors do not outline a connection between the two men, the schemes of which each is accused were identical.
Razumnii, according to the indictment, set up a front called American Standard Medical Supply in an Auburn storefront. Through that business, he used stolen identities to fraudulently draw $753,000 in Medicare reimbursements.
Both men are accused of attempting larger thefts. According to the indictment, Karapetyan aimed to receive $3.2 million; Razumnii is accused of attempting to garner $2 million.
Arrest warrants have been issued for both men. Each is charged with six counts of wire fraud, three counts of health care fraud and four counts of aggravated identity theft.

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