ADL World Council Will Promote Stabilization between Diaspora and Armenia


By Hasmik Harutyunyan

YEREVAN — During the last three days of its convention, the Armenagan-ADL Party held a general assembly, as a result of whose deliberations and discussions, the conclusion was reached to create a Democratic Liberal Party World Council, whose central office would be located in Yerevan.

By a unanimous decision of the 55 delegates at the convention, having arrived from various Diasporan-Armenian communities, the council is the only one authorized by the party to represent it on the Armenian political scene. Its purpose is to regulate the activity of individual Ramgavars living in various parts of the world, as well as that of Ramgavar structures; to coordinate efforts among the communities so that they will form part of the party’s projects and programs. The council has an executive committee consisting of six individuals from the diaspora and five from Armenia.

Reflecting on the problems and splits in the party, veteran ADL activist Dr. Arshavir Gundjian recalled the numerous projects conceived by the ADL during the past 50 years, which have achieved the desired result. “Through those projects, all the structures and central organs of the diaspora, were in balance, because we were the builders of those projects. Then certain people lowered the standard. We did everything so they would return, join us and rise together, but they didn’t agree,” said Gundjian, considering certain individuals in Armenia and the diaspora.

Hagop Avedikian, editor in chief of Azg daily and newly elected chairman of the Armenagan-ADL Party, in turn, reflecting on this issue, noted that the recent problems within the ADL emerged after the 2003 elections, when the party was unable to achieve victory, despite having prepared a good pre-election plan. ”The party experienced a major disappointment, as a result of which an internal power shift took place. We gave those individuals plenty of time, in order to be able to move the party’s ship forward; then the internal wrangling ensued, with just one of the three remaining. And that individual is using the party as a vehicle for personal gain and making a livelihood. This is not the first time that political life in Armenia is bearing witness to such phenomena. Such impropriety is not to be found in the history of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party. In any event, that individual isn’t worthy of further discussion,” said Avedikian.

In connection with Armenia-Turkey relations and the immense wave of protest in the diaspora, Gundjian noted, “The party’s position pertaining to the protocols between Armenia and Turkey is clear. Armenia cannot have stagnated and frozen relations with Turkey. There’s no need to fear starting relations with Turkey, taking a step in that direction. It is necessary to take steps to avoid that stagnation. On the other hand, we must be vigilant, attentive with respect to those relations,” said Gundjian. The diasporan Armenian scientist also touched on concerns of worry. “There are two points of concern for us. First, we must say clearly that the genocide issue is imprescriptible and indisputable. In that connection, actions must be organized and taken in such a way that the major movement, which exists in the diaspora and Armenia, will not encounter difficulty, in terms of genocide recognition by individual countries. Our territorial demands are likewise imprescriptible. We are satisfied that our main leaders of state are just as concerned, such that we don’t doubt for a minute that they will take a responsible approach, with regard to both territorial demands and Genocide recognition, and that there won’t be difficulties, refluxes.”

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Gundjian decried the protests carried out in the diaspora, with the encouragement of the ARF. The head of the ADL press office, Hagop Vartivarian, said, “We know very well that yelling and shouting is worthless. We are worried that a rift will be created between the Armenian Diaspora and Armenia. There is that risk. Our party sees the risk of disturbing the balance. The ties between Armenia and the diaspora must not be weakened.”

(Translated by Aris G. Sevag)

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