Garo Paylan

ISTANBUL (Armenpress) — Armenian lawmaker of the Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan urged the Parliament on January 18 to deal with the investigation of the murder case of Istanbul-Armenian intellectual Hrant[...]

ISTANBUL (New York Times) — The Turkish police forcefully dispersed a group of activists, some of them women in their 80s, over the weekend, breaking up a regular vigil in[...]

ISTANBUL (Public Radio of Armenia) — According to preliminary results of the Turkish Parliamentary elections, two Armenians will be represented in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Garo Paylan has been[...]

ISTANBUL (Armenpress) — Turkish-Armenian Member of Parliament Garo Paylan (HDP), who is running for another term in the Turkey’s parliament representing Diyarbakir in the upcoming elections, has commented about the[...]

By Amberin Zaman ISTANBUL (Al Monitor) — Turkish prosecutors are seeking to lift the parliamentary immunity of an ethnic Armenian lawmaker in order to prosecute and potentially jail him, marking[...]

ISTANBUL (Public Radio of Armenia) — Saida Ohanyan, President of the International Association of Hamshanuhi of the Armenian women of Hamshen, announced that they nominated the HDP Armenian deputy Garo[...]

YEREVAN ( – Garo Paylan, member of parliament of the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) of Turkey, arrived in Armenia on September 16 to participate in the September 18-20 “Armenia-Diaspora:[...]