YEREVAN (HayernAysor.am) – Garo Paylan, member of parliament of the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) of Turkey, arrived in Armenia on September 16 to participate in the September 18-20 “Armenia-Diaspora: Mutual Confidence,[...]

ISTANBUL – On September 15, Hrant Dink’s birthday, the Hrant Dink Foundation presented the International Hrant Dink Award this year to Eren Keskin from Turkey and Ai Weiwei from China. The award is presented annually to people who work[...]

By Suraj Sharma The symbolism was huge, as was the message that followed: the highest level talks in almost 40 years between Turkish and Iranian military commanders, then an announcement by Turkey’s president of a new[...]

BERLIN — Deciphering the behavior of the President is a challenging task, and not only in the United States. Narcissism, paranoia and megalomania are the terms the psychiatrist would use to describe the brand of personality disorders[...]

ISTANBUL (Armenpress) — The walls of Varagavank monastery in Turkey’s Van province are being constantly demolished, Yeniozgurpolitika.org reports. Ali Kalchik, president of the union of preservation of historical buildings and[...]

ISTANBUL (News.am) — Incredible footage has emerged of a hero pilot’s heart-stopping emergency landing as he flew completely blind to bring 127 tourists safely to earth after golf-ball-sized hailstones shattered the windscreen of[...]

ISTANBUL (The Guardian) — A top Turkish correspondent delivered a powerful defense of press freedom as he took the stand in the largest trial of journalists in the country, saying he was being punished for doing his job and criticizing[...]

ISTANBUL (Rudaw ) — A Turkish-Armenian intellectual out on a temporary pass from prison did not return at the appointed time, instead taking to social media to announce he had escaped. “The bird has flown,” Sevan Nisanyan tweeted on[...]

ISTANBUL (New York Times and Washington Post) — The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the American ambassador in Ankara on Monday, May 15, to complain about the detention of two Turkish security officers outside the Turkish Embassy in[...]

ISTANBUL (RFE/RL) — Representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan traded accusations over the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh during the 25th anniversary summit of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) held in Istanbul on Monday, May 22,[...]