Azerbaijani Officers Collected $1.1 million in Customs Payments on Goris-Kapan Roadway


YEREVAN ( — Over the past two months Azerbaijani customs officers have collected 2 million manats ($1.1 million) in customs payments at Goris-Kapan roadway which passes through Armenia’s Syunik region. According to Regnum news agency, the head of the country’s State Customs Committee Safar Mehdiyev announced this week.

Azerbaijan, which has intruded into the sovereign territory of Armenia, set up customs checkpoints by acquiescence of the RA leadership, levied sums as fees and transferred them to its bloody budget, now cynically reports about it.

Furthermore, on August 25, Azerbaijan blocked the Karmrakar-Shurnukh section of the Goris-Kapan roadway which passes exclusively through the territory of the Republic of Armenia and where vehicles were evacuated only after negotiations held by Russian border guards.

The enemy state establishes customs checkpoints in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, shuts down the roads whenever it wants and reopens only as a result of negotiations held by a third country.

“Just imagine, what we can expect after the unblocking of communication routes,” expert in Azerbaijan Anzhela Elibekova once said.

“I have repeatedly warned about these risks and voiced the need for urgent measures. The presence of Azerbaijani armed officers on the roads between Armenia’s Syunik province is criminal. It impedes the free and safe movement of people as well as their internationally guaranteed other vital rights. Based on these facts, it becomes obvious that this had been a pre-planned crime against the civilian population of the Republic of Armenia,” Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan wrote months ago.

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