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Armenia Defeats Iceland and Liechtenstein, Climbs to Top of World Qualifying Games Group: Video Report


YEREVAN – With two victories in a row, Armenia’s soccer team climbed to the top of Group J, where it competes with Germany, North Macedonia, Romania, Lichtenstein, and Iceland for the World Soccer tournament, which will take place in Qatar in 2022.

A few days ago, Armenia defeated Liechtenstein in Liechtenstein when midfielder Noah Froemmeled accidentally scored a self-goal into his own team’s net, thus making Armenia off to a great start. Yerevan collected its first three points granted to the team, which gained its victory. On Sunday, March 28, after more than a year break because of COVID-19, an international soccer game was played in Yerevan’s Republican Stadium. Armenia hosted Iceland.

At the game in Yerevan

With the first half of the gaming ending with no goals, Armenians were significantly more successful during the second half. First, on the 53rd minute, Tigran Barseghian hit a goal, then, 21 minutes later, Khoren Bairamian doubled the score. On the 77th minute, Iceland’s coach made two substitutions, bringing a midfielder and a striker, aiming to increase the pressure over Armenia’s team.

Iceland attempted several goals during the remaining time; however, Armenia’s defense and the goalkeeper played well. Armenia temporarily leads its group with six scores, although Germany’s predicted victory against Romania will bring the German team back to the leading position.

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